FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Clearwire Belgium has become b•lite. How does this change affect me as a customer?

    Clearwire has become b•lite Telecom bvba.

    Nothing will change with regard to the contracts. In the very near future b•lite will enable you to surf the net from home, telephone and watch HD television – all without the use of cables! This is possible because of 4G, the latest mobile standard for which b•lite has a license for Belgium.

    4G equals ultra fast, wireless internet from home or anywhere else. Thanks to 4G, mobile internet will be as fast as when connected to cables and without being bound to one place. A great (r)evolution! The internet, telephoning and HD television will finally become affordable and user-friendly, with no limitations whatsoever.

    When will all this happen? Send us your email address and you will be the first to know about the new b•lite offer. Once 4G is launched, b•lite will inform you about the new products and rates. We can then adjust the terms of your contract with your approval.

  • When will b•lite offer 4G?

    Surfing the Net from home, telephoning and watching digital HD TV without having to mess around with cables? This is all possible with 4G, the latest mobile internet standard for which b•lite has a license for Belgium.

    b•lite’s 4G stands for ultra fast, wireless internet at home or anywhere else. Thanks to b•lite’s 4G mobile internet will be as fast as internet through a cable – without being limited to one single location. A genuine revolution!

    Internet, telephoning and HD television will finally become affordable and user-friendly, without any limitations.

    When will it all happen? Leave your email address and you will be the first to learn about the new 4G b•lite offer.
  • Is it easy to set up my own b•lite service?
    Yes! After you’ve chosen the b•lite service plan that’s right for you, you can set up b•lite yourself in just minutes. There’s no software to download and no technician to wait for. b•lite makes it a snap to get broadband Internet access for your home or small business.
  • What if I have no Internet connection?

    Option 1: your computer is directly connected to your b•lite modem.

    • Unplug the modem, plug it back in after a few seconds and wait until the lights appear on a continual basis.
    • Start the computer.
    • Make sure the LAN connection is active.

    You will need to have configured the local network for dynamic IP addresses and that the DNS is set on automatic.

    Option 2: You are using a router or a wireless access point

    • Turn on your computer.
    • Turn the modem off and then turn it back on after a few seconds.
    • Deactivate and reactivate the router taking into account the security settings of the manufacturer.
    • Now start your computer.

    Option 3: software problems (firewall, antivirus, MSN)

    • Some versions of Norton anti-virus software block the Internet addresses of b•lite. You just need to deactivate the auto protection before your first connection until you have Internet access. Afterwards you can reactivate the auto protection and Norton will normally recognize your Internet IP addresses for your future sessions.
  • What do the lights on my modem mean?

    The light indicators serve 2 purposes: to provide a display of the current signal strength or provide a status of the current condition.

    Depending upon the orientation of the modem to the user, the lights may flash from right to left or left to right.

    1. Light off 2. Light on 3. Light flashes slowly 4. Light flashes fast

    No power to the modem.

    Check the connection on the bottom of the CPE.
    Check the AC adapter.
    Check the outlet for power.


    No connection between the Ethernet card in the PC and the modem.

    The modem lights flash rapidly when there is power supply, but the PC is not on or disconnected.


    Scanning (chasing).

    This is an indication that the modem cannot detect a signal. Modem will also scan if they are denied access in each base. A denied modem will exhibit a slow blink pattern first before scanning. The CPE is scanning all air link channels for a suitable signal. Try to place the modem elsewhere.



    The modem has found a signal and awaits registration with the provider.

    This process should only take a few seconds. If it takes longer the provider may have disabled the modem in their provisioning database.


    Normal operation.

    Current signal strength is indicated by the number of lights illuminated. The modem reception is not influenced by the number of lights illuminated.


    This is not unusual.

    The signal received by the modem is reflected and can be impacted by terrain, buildings, and moving objects. The modem reception is not influenced by a decrease in signal strength.



    1 and 5 on
    Low power – return modem for repair.

    2, 3, 4 on
    High power – return modem for repair.

    1, 2, 4, 5 on and 3 flashing
    Normal modem boot.

    1 and 5 and 2, 3, 4 oscillating
    Modem is overheated – reduce temperature.

  • I cannot open a certain web page? What do I do?
    If you have problems with opening some web pages you can lower the level security of your firewall. By modifying this, the problem can be solved.
  • How can I use my b•lite connection in more than one place?
    With b•lite, you can connect to the Internet in more than one location. Just plug in and get online anywhere within the b•lite service area. And if you want to extend your b•lite service to multiple users throughout the house, you’re in luck. The b•lite modem works with standard router and wireless access point equipment to create a local area network.
  • Is b•lite as reliable as cable or dial-up?

    Absolutely. With b•lite, you’ll enjoy an always-on, always-secure connection that never ties up your phone line.

  • How can I adjust the modem to receive the strongest signal possible?

    Once you have found the room with the strongest signal, place the b•lite modem in a location that is convenient for you. Fine-tune your b•lite modem by pointing the back of the modem (the side without the logo) toward a window. Note the number of lights that blink. Then rotate the b•lite modem by turning it to the left and right until you identify the position with the strongest signal. If you’d like further assistance, please contact a Customer Care representative by calling 059 77 00 65

  • Can I share my b•lite connection via Wi-Fi?

    Yes, you can but you need a Wi-Fi router for this. Simply connect this router to your b•lite modem to enable your computer(s), tablet or smartphone to link up to this wireless router and through this b•lite internet – all this via Wi-Fi. Wireless routers can be purchased in any computer store.

  • How secure is the connection ? Is it more secure than Wi-Fi?

    Your b•lite connection is very secure. That is because b•lite wireless technology uses OFDM transmission protocol, featuring a design standard that includes secure wireless data transmission. Wi-Fi operates on unlicensed 2.4GHz frequencies, making it vulnerable to scanning and packet interception. b•lite operates at licensed 3.5GHz frequencies. Licensed frequencies and OFDM make for a very secure connection.

  • How our technology works?

    b•lite uses state-of-the-art wireless technology to transmit signals to and from your modem on fully licensed and protected frequencies. Your connection is always on and always secure. There’s no limit to how much bandwidth you can use, subject to the b•lite service plan you sign up for. b•lite offers several different service plans, each with throughputs and speeds designed to match your needs.

  • Just how mobile is b•lite's internet?
    All you need to do to enjoy b•lite’s internet is connect your b•lite modem to your computer and plug it in. About to move? Simply take the modem with you and plug it into a socket in your new home. Of course this will only work if your new home is located in an area where b•lite is active.
  • If I share my b•lite connection, can all computers be online at the same time? Will this slow down the connection or increase my service costs?

    Using a router or wireless access point, multiple users can be online at the same time with no slow-down. Everyone will enjoy the same broadband connection speed as always. The only additional cost you’ll pay is for the networking equipment.

  • What if my computer is set up in one room but the wireless signal is stronger in another?

    No problem — with a wifi router, you can transfer the signal from the modem to your computer via wifi, without having to run cables through your house.

  • What type of computer do I need? What are the system requirements for using b•lite?

    b•lite is compatible with PCs and Macs as long as there is an available RJ-45 Ethernet port.

  • How do I exchange the b•lite modem if it stops functioning properly?

    A b•lite Customer Care representative will be more than happy to troubleshoot problems with you, or let you know how to return your modem. You can reach us by calling 059 77 00 65

  • How do I configure my b•lite e-mail?

    I want to send and receive b•lite.be e-mails:

    • Incoming e-mail server: pop.blite.be
    • Outgoing e-mail server: relay.blite.be
    • You can also send and receive via http://webmail.blite.be


    I want to send and receive b•lite e-mail on other ISP networks:

    • Incoming e-mail server: pop.blite.be
    • Outgoing e-mail server: use the outgoing mail server from the ISP you are connected. Typically this is smtp.ISP-name.be/com, or out.ISP-name.be, or relay.ISP-name.be.
    • You can also send and receive via http://webmail.blite.be


    I want to send and receive other e-mail addresses than b•lite.be:

    • Incoming e-mail server: use the incoming e-mail server from your e-mail provider. Typically in.isp-name.be/com or pop.isp-name.be/com
    • Outgoing mail server:relay.blite.be
  • How to access "my b•lite" and my Webmail?

    Enter the e-mail address given during the activation of b•lite and enter the password chosen during the finalization.

  • What can I do with my b•lite?
    • Consult invoices
    • Check your services
    • Volume use
    • Modify your “My Account” password
    • Buy extra offers or accessories
    • E-mail customer service
    • Manage e-mail accounts
  • What can I do with my Webmail?
    • Create and modify e-mail aliases
    • Forward b•lite e-mail to an external e-mail address
  • What issues could impact my ability to receive b•lite signals?

    You must be within the b•lite service area to receive a b•lite signal. It is rare, but possible, to be within the coverage area without being able to receive a signal due to unusual geography, or to be within the coverage area without adequately receiving a signal due to unexpected circumstances.

  • Are there download limits in the use of the bandwidth?

    There is no limit to the use of the bandwidth for which you have subscribed provided you adhere to the principle of responsible use.

  • In which cities does b•lite offer Internet?

    b•lite's network is active in Brussels, Ghent, Leuven and Aalst.

  • When will b•lite offer service in my area?

    If b•lite isn’t available in your area yet, it’s just a matter of time. Our network is expanding quickly across Belgium, so check our website again soon.

  • I haven’t paid my bill and my internet connection has now been deactivated. What do I need to do?
    b•lite offers various ways of payment. You can either settle your bill via bank transfer, through one of our distributors or online. Send the proof of payment to us by fax (059 77 00 66) or use the contact form on our website (see “Contact”)to do so. We will then reactivate your internet connection as soon as possible.
  • There is a new promotional offer. Can you benefit from this and what are the terms?

    b•lite lets you profit from the best offers

    You can start enjoying the latest promotional offers immediately after the 6 month period after contract activation.

    During your contract you can choose a more suitable product at any time, but you cannot benefit from any promotions.

    Useful links:

    • Call us: 059 77 00 65

    • Send a fax: 059 77 00 66

    • Or send us an email bu using our contact box

  • You want to pass on your subscription to a friend. How does this work?

    At b•lite we call this a HANDOVER.

    You want to cancel your subscription without having to pay cancellation costs? This is possible at b•lite! It is really simple: if you find someone willing to take over your connection you do not have to pay for anything.

    On top of this we will offer the new customer a free activation (contract of 6 months minimum). This way everybody is happy!

  • Your connection is too slow. What can you do?

    We are sorry to hear about your slow connection speed. Please find some tips that can help you increase your computers performance.

    Press the F8 key as soon as the computer is started. This will lead you to the advanced start-up options. Choose Safe Mode with Networking from the list of options using the arrows on your keyboard.

    As soon as the session has started visit: www.speedtest.be. Click ‘Start test’ and note down the results for download and upload speed. Restart your computer, go to the same website and do the test again. Note down the results again. This way you can let us know should it prove necessary.

    If you are using a router you need to check whether it is password protected. If this is not the case, other people may log in to your router and slow down your connection.

    We also advise you to perform a complete scan of your computer to identify any viruses or spyware that may be causing the problem.

    Please also note that peer-to-peer software such as Skype or download software significantly slow down your computer. b•lite does not offer support for any problems linked to downloading.

    After having gone through all these steps, please let us know the results of your tests which we will pass on to our technical team.

    Please contact our customer services team on 059 77 00 65 if you have any other queries.

  • What should you do if you move to an area that is not covered by the b•lite-network?

    If you move to an area that is not covered by the b•lite-network before the end of the first six months of your contract, you will have to pay a compensation because of breach of contract. This compensation equals the total sum of subscription costs still owed until the end of the six month period.

    You could also pass your contract on to someone else – someone willing to take over your contract. This is called a HANDOVER and avoids your having to pay cancellation costs or the new customer having to pay activation costs (contract of 6 months minimum).

    Please consult the question about cancellation before the end of contract should you consider doing this.

  • How do you renew/extend your b•lite-contract after it has expired?

    Thank you for your confidence!

    Your b•lite -contract is about to expire and you wish to extend it?

    Because of the new law on Telecoms contracts are no longer automatically extended. It now suffices to contact us by either email/fax or letter and we will treat your query with the highest priority.

    Are you interested in benefitting from our latest promotions? Please don’t forget that b•lite also offers you this possibility! Contact our customer services team by phone (059 77 00 65) or via our website.

  • How do you cancel your b•lite-subscription before the end of the contract?

    Do you wish to end your contract with b•lite? Please inform us via email, letter or fax and we will treat your query with the highest priority. According to the new Telecom law you are committed to your b•lite-contract for a period of 6 months. If you want to cancel your contract before the end of this period, you will have to pay a cancellation fee that equals subscription costs still owed until the end of the six month period, along with any unsettled invoices. b•lite customer services will let you know where to send your modem to in order to validate your account termination.

    Example: If you wish to end your contract after two months, you will have to pay a cancellation fee for the four resting months according to the terms and conditions of your contract.

  • How do you cancel your b•lite subscription at the end of the contract?

    If your contract is due to expire we do not charge a cancellation fee. Please do take a moment to check whether all invoices have been paid.

    Contact us to find out the address to send your modem to as it is still b•lite property.

    Useful links:

    • Call us: 059 77 00 65

    • Send a fax: 059 77 00 66

    • Or send us an email by using our contact box

  • How do you return the modem and what is the address to send it to?

    Please send your modem via bpost or Kiala at: b-lite, Fortstraat 27E, 8400 Oostende. It’s as easy as that! Please do not come at this address as there is no one to welcome you.

    Please make sure to send the modem along with the charger and ethernet cable, but nothing else...

    The dispatch will cost around €5 and we advise you to keep the proof of sending.