About b•lite

About b•lite

b•lite is a young independent telecom operator for internet, telephoning and HD television. b•lite really makes a difference because it immediately implements the latest technologies at affordable prices on a European level. We want to wake up the expensive Belgian operators. b•lite aims at being transparent and only communicates with solid facts.

In charge are a team who have built up years of experience in the world of telecommunication (Voice Over IP telephoning to name but one). Thanks to the input of many international partners b•lite is in the lead with the newest mobile technology: 4G.

b•lite is there for the new generation of people who live in the “cloud”: they focus on new technologies and want to be able to access their information, wherever their lives take them. Just think of expats who don’t want home bound internet in their temporary houses, restaurants and urban bars that want to be online fast and easily, e-workers commuting between home and office work, students in digs and so on.

The 4G offer with telephoning, internet and HD television makes their urban lifestyles flexible, affordable and ultra fast.


Helpdesk: 059 77 00 65

b•lite Telecom BVBA (Headquarter)

Fortstraat 27E

8400 Oostende
VAT number: BE 0864 754 901